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The ruling class uses its own decomposition against the workers

In mid-January 2024, the ruling class in Germany launched a cunning campaign to defend democracy. This campaign shows all the deviousness of the German bourgeoisie in the way it is able to exploit the vile evidence of the decomposition of its system, and especially in its ability to use this against the working class.

Anger of the farmers: a cry of despair instrumentalised against workers’ consciousness.

Since the beginning of the year, farmers have been mobilising against the fall in their incomes. The movement, which started in Germany following the abolition of subsidies for farm diesel, has now spread to France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and is beginning to spread throughout Europe. Farmers are up in arms against taxes and environmental standards.

Dossier: Internal debate on the world situation

This dossier contains contributions to an internal debate relating to the understanding of the CC’s concept of decomposition, to inter-imperialist tensions and the threat of war, and to the balance of forces between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

Correspondence with Anti-Militarist Initiative

Our response to a message from the Ant-Militarist Initiative, a network mainly based in Eastern Europe, which is part of a wider questioning of capitalism's war drive in the wake of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.